Why telecare is not just for the elderly

There is this myth that telecare services are for the elderly. The below is a confirmation that this is just a myth and that when reality hits, we all recognise that wanting to feel safe is not symptomatic of old age.


Why does emCare give you peace of mind?

Meet David and his beautiful family of five.

“My wife does an impeccable job with our three children particularly when I am away on business trips. We’ve had the telecare service since our first son was born. Somehow having children makes you want to protect your family even more and with emCare we had that added sense of security. I was out of the country recently on one of my usual business trips and my wife needed assistance with the children at night when one of my daughters got very ill. Imagine having to wake up the other children, it’s a nightmare! With just a touch of a button on the hub, emCare got hold of my parents who came to our house whilst Sharon could take the youngest to hospital. Absolutely no regrets in deciding to get the service. I am so grateful.”

Alice and Ron, partners for over 10 years, have retired in Malta.

“It has always been Ron’s wish to retire on this beautiful island however, having no family in Malta, makes it quite difficult particular in an emergency. I came across emCare some years ago and had the emCare hub as well as some other add-ones installed at our house soon after. However, never until recently did I really value the service. A couple of weeks ago we were undergoing some home renovations and I had a person in my house who had disguised himself as a water technician. When I realised that he was intentionally rummaging through our belongings, I pressed the panic button. As soon as I pressed the button, he panicked and left and in no time the police were at our house. If that is not peace of mind!”

Marija’s 75-year old father John strives to lead an independent life as much as possible.

“When my mother died a couple of years ago I wanted dad to come and live with us. However, he was so adamant about not leaving his house! I knew emCare’s worth when dad fell and needed assistance. I got a call from emCare stating that dad needed some assistance after a fall. Luckily it was nothing serious. It works for both of us, he continues to enjoy his independent life and I get peace of mind knowing that I can be alerted if anything had to happen.”

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