To all loving and dedicated dads this Father’s Day

We often downplay the importance of fatherhood, regarding dads merely as a free handyman, a very generous bank or a 24/7 taxi driver.

Their sacrifices are often overlooked and unappreciated, taken for granted. But aren’t fathers, same as mothers, loving, dedicated and thoughtful in their own way? Don’t they just want the best for their children?

Security and peace of mind are certainly values dads crave for their children, so why not surprise your dad with a gift that embraces these qualities this Father’s Day?

To all dedicated and loving dads this Father's Day
emCare’s electronic and mobile care solutions are aimed at peace of mind, accident prevention and health monitoring making independent living safer. This Father’s Day you can get the eCare service for just €100 including installation when signing a 2-year agreement.

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To our handymen, generous banks, taxi drivers, to all the loving and dedicated dads, thank you and Happy Father’s Day!