“My parents applied for the service following a small emergency at night. They’re both not comfortable using a mobile phone so my siblings and I are at east knowing they have emCare devices in their home as in case of an emergency, with just a press of one button, they are assisted immediately.”

Doris Vella

daughter of emCare customers,

“I have had emCare services installed for the past two years for my elderly mother and since then I have had the pleasure to recommend your excellent services to other people. I wholeheartedly would like to express my gratitude towards emCare staff for their professionalism and top notch service. Their attention is detailed and of best quality.

Keep it up emCare and thank you for my peace of mind while I’m at work or asleep.”

Helen Schembri

emCare customer,

“I don’t know what I would do without emCare. The emCare hub has changed my life, I surely cannot spend another day without it and I highly recommend it to all those who live alone.

For just a small monthly fee, your life can be saved. Emergency services were behind my door in just 15 minutes when I needed help. Would you rather save that money and leave it for your heirs or use it to have your life saved? It’s now up to you.”

Phyllis Degabriele

emCare customer,

“With emCare I feel safe at home. I always get a good service and whenever I’m in need emCare staff assist me straightaway.”

Guido Seychell

Pensioner & emCare customer,