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The SCOPE software is provided free of charge when one buys one or more Vital Sign Monitoring Devices. Alternatively, one may pay €2.50* per month for the SCOPE software and enter the medical readings manually from other Vital Sign Monitoring devices.

Standing for “Safely Communicating health Observations in a Productive and Efficient way”, SCOPE enables individuals to conduct routine medical tests from the comfort of their own home – a convenience which also aids the accuracy and consistency of the test results. When an individual checks his/her vital signs, the readings are automatically transmitted from these devices to an online platform, thereby updating the person’s electronic medical record.

SCOPE also analyses the person’s medical readings in comparison to his/her medical thresholds, so as to alert doctors and family members if the readings fall outside these thresholds. In such cases, SCOPE generates an emergency report containing all necessary information for admissions to hospital at the touch of a button, if required.

Other key features of SCOPE that deliver significant benefits for individuals include:

  • Elimination of the possibility of human error
  • Medical trend analysis to the clinicians and nurses
  • An audit trail of the medical history of the individuals
  • Easy active monitoring of the individuals’ conditions by the individuals themselves, as well as by family members and/or medical representatives
* Terms and conditions may apply.

We do not want to replace the human element; we want to complement it with technology. The SCOPE solution can come with the below devices for real-time electronic health monitoring. All devices are Bluetooth-enabled and readings are shown on the device and transmitted directly to the SCOPE software, so that immediate action will be taken if necessary. Additionally, the results may be further assessed by medical professionals and/or any authorised persons.