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emCareMobile including 1 year service at €193; A charge of €6.99* per month thereafter.

Handset specifically designed for elderly use with the added benefit of sophisticated backend management by authorised users. Loved ones are able to set up and manage the phone’s features through an online Web Self Care Portal. The phone’s features include: GPS, geo-fencing, medication reminders, appointments, doctor visits, camera, radio and more.

emCareMobile also includes an SOS button on the back of the phone. This is the one and only button that needs to be pressed by the user in any emergency situation. Upon pressing this button, the emergency contact numbers will be dialled on loop until the call is answered, and sent an exact pin-point GPS location of where their loved one is, even if no phone credit is available.

A geo-fencing setup may also be required to inform the next of kin that the user has left his/her specified safe zone to be able to track them down and get them back home safely.

Through the Web Self Care, authorised individuals can easily manage the emCareMobile user’s:

  • contacts and family numbers
  • calendar, appointments and birthdays
  • profiles and phone settings
  • schedules and medicine stocks
  • location and security areas
  • setup questions such as, “Are you ok?”

and may also monitor the user’s:

  • blood pressure, glucose, weight and temperature
  • battery life.

Other key features and services available through emCareMobile include:

  • Large keys and letters
  • Colour Display
  • Loud sound and compatibility with hearing aid devices
  • Camera
  • Flashlight
  • Radio and MP3 which may be configured through the WSC
  • Bluetooth
  • Ease of unlocking
  • Charging cradle
*Handset cannot be sold without the service.
* Terms and conditions may apply.

We do not want to replace the human element; we want to complement it with technology. emCareMobile comes with the below devices for real-time electronic health monitoring. All devices are Bluetooth-enabled and readings are shown on the device and transmitted directly to the Web Self Care, so that immediate action will be taken if necessary. Additionally, the results may be further assessed by other medical professionals and/or any authorised persons.