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€4.00 per month upon 12 months subscription*

emCareHub is available for the service subscribers. The service charge gives you reassurance that when at home, help is a push of a button away, thanks to the 24/7 Call Centre.
A Panic Button is also provided, free of charge with every emCareHub.

This system connects a main device in the home of the individual to a 24/7 call centre. The emCareHub meets the needs of people across every part of the care spectrum, from those requiring only the most basic safety monitoring to others with more complex care needs, including dementia and fall management.

Key features of the emCareHub include:

  • High clarity hands-free speech for clear and easy voice communication
  • Large illuminated alarm button
  • “I’m Ok” button
  • Preset reminders, including medication reminders
  • Ability to support add-on devices for more personalised care.
* Terms and conditions may apply.

We do not want to replace the human element; we want to complement it with technology.Our add-ons ensure individuals get the most out of our emCareHub solution, by providing a more personalized service to accommodate the diversity of clients who have different requirements, depending on age, character and possible health conditions, among other factors.

In all situations, as soon as the call centre is alerted, all cases are handled efficiently, professionally and safely by personnel who have been trained and benefit from a wealth of experience in determining what each situation requires.