Peace of Mind with emCare Home


As the saying goes “there is no greater wealth in this world than peace of mind”. And services provided by emCare tick all the boxes when it comes to peace of mind:

✔Offers 24/7 monitoring
✔ Reduces fear
✔ Gives you more independence – a sense of confidence and control when at home
✔ Reduces the burden on family members/carers
✔ Can be life-saving

What is emCare Hub?

The emCare Hub is the device which is connected to a telephone line and a mains socket through which you receive help at the press of a button.

emCare Hub includes another device: the wireless, Panic Button. This alarm button is lightweight and can be worn around your neck or wrist.

Who can make use of emCare Hub?
Anyone who has a telephone connection can make use of emCare Hub. From families with children, people living on their own, to elderly people, irrespective of age, emCare Hub is available to all those who want peace of mind when in the comfort of their home.

What is the cost of emCare Hub?
You can get the emCare Hub at €4 a month upon a 12-month subscription. A €25 one-time installation fee applies.

What else can I do to feel safe?
emCare also provides a number of add-ons to ensure users get the most out of the emCare Hub solution. The add-ons available are:
– on-wrist fall trigger
– additional panic buttons
– pill alert
– intruder/inactivity alert
– LP gas detector
– smoke detector
– flood detector
– heat detector
– carbon monoxide detector
– radio pull cord
– door contact

If you feel that you or someone you know would benefit from emCare Home solutions, please call us on 21 42 49 49, visit or visit our emCare concept store in Swatar to discuss any of the above choices with our team.