It’s time to give something back

No doubt that mothers do a wonderful job… they do your washing, prepare delicious dinners and lunches, pick you up every time you fall, stay up and worry when you’re out late and even chauffeur you everywhere. You grow older and years after you leave home, they are still worrying about you, helping around.

Mothers – always try to set an example, giving you direction and always with their arms wide open whenever we decide to return. Isn’t that remarkable?

Who else would give up their time and sleep, their waistline, years of peace and quiet?


Mother’s Day is a good enough reason to say thank you, to show our mothers how much they mean to us and how much we appreciate what they’ve done and continue doing.

It’s time we gave them something back, that peace of mind they crave when growing older and that children look for as roles are reversed and they are now the ones who must care for their mother.

At emCare we offer electronic and mobile care solutions aimed at peace of mind, accident prevention and health monitoring that make independent living safer.

This Mother’s Day join us for an event at our store and you can get a discount on the eCare service as well as get a chance to win an add-on to the service by taking part in a competition. Those who visit our store on May 10 and 11, will also be given a gift.

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Mother’s Day Event Offer