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emCareHome utilises the latest technology to meet emCare’s objective of enabling people to lead independent lives within their own home, whilst knowing that a helping hand is always available.


We do not want to replace the human element; we want to complement it with technology. Our products are especially designed to meet individuals’ different health and care requirements.


This system connects a main device in the home of the individual to a 24/7 call centre. The emCareHub meets the needs…

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emCareHub Add-ons

Our add-ons ensure individuals get the most out of our emCareHub solution, by providing a more personalized service to accommodate the diversity of clients who have different requirements, depending on age, character and possible health conditions, among other factors.

In all situations, as soon as the call centre is alerted, all cases are handled efficiently, professionally and safely by personnel who have been trained and benefit from a wealth of experience in determining what each situation requires.