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emCareHealth not only monitors people’s environment, but also their health. The solutions allow for early detection of conditions that may need to be monitored or medicated. emCareHealth also builds people’s electronic medical records, which can be accessed in real-time by loved ones and medical representatives.


We do not want to replace the human element; we want to complement it with technology. Our products are especially designed to meet individuals’ different health and care requirements.


Standing for “Safely Communicating health Observations in a Productive and Efficient way”, SCOPE enables individuals to conduct routine medical tests from the…

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Vital Sign Monitoring Devices

The SCOPE solution can come with the below devices for real-time electronic health monitoring. All devices are Bluetooth-enabled and readings are shown on the device and transmitted directly to the tablet and portal, so that immediate action will be taken if necessary. Additionally, the results may be further assessed by medical professionals and/or any authorised persons.