Defying social isolation with the use of technology

It is a bit worrying to find that in a close-knit community such as Malta, a good number of people over 75 years of age feel isolated, without any connections with either family or friends. A study carried out by the Directorate for Health Information and Research some years ago among Maltese home-based residents aged 75 and over, showed that only 1,500 out of the 6,007 respondents have some form of family ties.

Social isolation increases with age and women tend to feel this more when compared to men becaus

e they are morelikely to outlive their spouses, partners or friends.

This same analysis also exposed that 7.3 per cent of those interviewed aged between 75 and 84 years, have no next of kin on whom to rely on should they need help. This percentage increases in those aged over 85.

Family dynamics have shifted significantly in these last years resulting in children often setting up roots away from their parents or the rest of the family, unlike in the past where families used to set up house in the same locality or street if not the same house!

Children of elderly parents are often faced with a sense of guilt when the latter reach a certain age because they realise that their parents might need assistance in their day to day life however because of other commitments, it is not possible to tend to their needs on a daily or weekly basis.

This is where we can help.

The use of technology can complement the human element giving the user and the next of kin peace of mind. Having an emergency alarm at home ensures that the elderly receives immediate help even if the relative is not close by.

Our emCare hub is also connected to a 24/7 call centre where a team of professional and well-trained personnel can assess the situation and decide the best course of action depending on the circumstances.

Having this available all the time, can in a way, make the elderly feel less lonely and the relatives feel involved given that they are informed immediately no matter the circumstances.

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