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Panic Button


A free Panic Button is included with every emCareHub. Additional Panic Buttons can be bought at €60.00 each.

When acquiring the emCareHub, individuals receive a complimentary panic button. This device is a lightweight and discreet personal alarm trigger which can be worn on the wrist or around the neck with a wide and comfortable strap. The Panic Button can also be clipped onto the user’s belt. When pressed, the 24/7 call centre is alerted, even if the button on the emCareHub is out of reach.

All devices are connected to the 24/7 call centre at €1.50 per month. 

All customers are also eligible to a 10% discount on the second device.

* Terms and conditions may apply.

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    This system connects a main device in the home of the individual to a 24/7 call centre. The emCareHub meets the needs of people across every part of the care spectrum, from those requiring only the most basic safety monitoring…

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