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On-Wrist Fall Trigger

€149.00 or available for lease*

This device is specifically designed and developed with the intention of automatically raising an alert to the 24/7 call centre when a fall is detected. The trigger also has an in-built panic button that can be manually pressed should the user require assistance. Being waterproof, it is ideal for the common falls in the bath or shower.

All devices are connected to the 24/7 call centre at €1.50 per month. 

All customers are also eligible to a 10% discount on the second device.

This device can now be leased for a minimum of 3 months and renewable for a further 3 months thereafter at a monthly fee of €10.00 per month. Additional costs include €25.00 installation fee and €25.00 deposit if the lease option is taken.  For more information call us on +356 2142 4949

* Terms and conditions may apply.

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