We do not want to replace the human element; we want to complement it with technology. emCare is a wholly owned subsidiary of Idox Health formerly 6PM plc. Idox Health, an Idox Company is a leading provider of IT Health solutions.

The result is a highly motivated and dedicated fusion of healthcare and technology to provide continuous and real-time health and environmental monitoring. emCare successfully provides solutions for organisations and individual consumers.

myemCare showcases emCare’s solutions which are designed specifically for the peace of mind, accident prevention, health monitoring and independent living of individuals within their home and while on the move.

emCare’s vision is to help people feel more independent, at ease and secure within the community. The company’s commitment to the community also goes beyond that of being a pioneer in healthcare solutions. emCare is a great believer in Active Ageing which is an international ongoing effort to improve the quality in the latter stages of individuals’ lives. Such a philosophy is in line with the company’s broader holistic vision to help people feel in charge of their own lives, not only as they age, but also throughout their lives.