emCare launches Pill Pack and Pill Pack Plus

emCare launches Pill Pack and Pill Pack Plus

emCare has recently launched Pill Pack and Pill Pack Plus together with its partner Cosmed Pharmacy situated in Hamrun. The pill pack provides an easy way to organize and helps to keep track of one’s medication to make sure medication is taken at the right dose, on time, every time. The new services also ensure optimum compliance and help to improve the quality of life. The Pill Pack is carried out by pharmacists, in a pharmacy set-up and regulated by Medicines Authority.

Pill Pack is a safe and convenient service that will help users to better manage their medication while Pill Pack Plus also allows emCare mobile subscribers to receive reminders on their mobile phones as to when to take the medicine.

Commenting about the new services emCare General Manager, Roland Cachia said that, “The Pill Pack simplifies the process of managing medication through a combination of convenient packaging and personalised service in one easy pack. Using the Pill Pack will ensure accuracy as the blisters are filled by the pharmacists thereby reducing errors and harmful effects of multi-dosing. Furthermore the blisters are packed according to prescribed medication and are colour coded clearly indicating time of day medication should be taken. The Pill Packs are easy to open, portable, hygienic and more importantly safe.”

Mr Cachia further explained that, “The Pill Pack Plus is an additional add-on service to the basic Pill Pack. By using this service subscribers will receive pre-programmed reminders by the pharmacist thereby ensuring the right medication is being taken at the right time of day. Users or next of kin can also access phone setting and update contacts, location, appointments, special occasions and set up basic messages such as ‘are you ok?’.”

Further information about the new services can be obtained by calling 2142 4949 and accessing website www.myemcare.com