emCare call centre and concept store to open in first quarter of 2017

emCare is on course to set-up its own call centre and inaugurate a concept store where all its products will be retailed. Both projects are expected to be inaugurated in the first quarter of 2017.

emCare is presently on a recruitment drive to employ customer care officials who will be manning the call centre on a 24×7 basis. As from January, the emCare call centre will be manned totally by company employees without the need of third parties. Upon employment, all emCare customer care officials will be trained to respond to the needs of customers especially when faced with emergencies, to continue providing them with peace of mind. This will ensure that the company will have the capacity to continue growing and providing a wide array of electronic and mobile care products.

In conjunction with the setting-up of the call centre, works are underway on the ground floor level of the 6PM Business Centre in Swatar for the inauguration of an emCare concept store which will retail emCare products. The store will be divided into three main areas: the sales office, a reception area where customers will have their first contact with emCare official and a lounge area where customers can experience firsthand the products and discuss their needs with the emCare team and the sales office.

Once inaugurated, the call centre and concept store will go a long way to continue to enhance the quality of service being provided not only to people who require additional care, but to all individuals as everyone is in some way or another vulnerable in his or her daily life.

Another project which emCare will be launching next year is the myemCare application which will provide users with an electronic repository where to store all their medical and lifestyle information. This application will be ideal for individuals who want a more proactive role in the quality of their lifestyle, providing them with one application where vital signs, medications, care plans, illnesses and fitness information amongst other things can be stored.

All the emCare products and solutions (which are available for everyone, irrespective of service provider and age) have been designed to provide peace of mind, knowing that help is always available when at home or on the move.